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Skin care advice

Dear Amazingy Team

For may years I used Estee Lauder products, I used the whole line, skincare and make up, and I was rather pleased with it. 
A few months ago decided to totally change my skincare regime as well as my habits. 
I have been struggling to find the perfect skincare for me, the products I have tried or seen in shops are rather disappointing or not as natural as I want.
I have tried Dr Hauschka and now I am using Martina Gebhardt cleansing cream and toner. As face cream, I have been jumping from what I have left from Dr Hauschka and plain coconut oil. This is far from perfect.
Now the hard part, describing my skin. I am 36 years old, and I think I have a rather good skin, I have very thin lines (almost invisible) around my eyes, two creases in the "smile area" and also a few creases in my forehead (I think they have always been here!). After washing my skin feels tight and uncomfortable, specially in winter. My pores are normal, I don't have pimples, and blackheads are very rare. I have sensitive skin, that reacts to cold, heat, and some other things that I cannot identify, but usually they go away fast, its a sort of momentary redness, like an allergy or a mosquito bite. I have dark under-eye circles. I think my skin is somewhere between normal and dry (maybe dehydrated) with a bit more oil on the nose area.
What I am looking for regarding a skincare regime would be cleansing (I like to use water) a face oil (love the feeling of it) and a moisturiser. Not sure about toner or face mist, but one of those would be nice.
I would be so appreciated if you could give me some advices, and some suggestions in different price levels.

Thank you so much!

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Hi Andreia,

thanks for your kind mail and sorry for applying so late. Our emails are tumbling in at the moment, so please bare with us!

I know it can be hard to find the right products and it always takes time and patience, but i`m sure will find something really nice for you. So let´s give it a shot.

For cleansing I would recommend our fabulous Konjac Sponge. Ever heard of it before? It a 100% natural sponge that sooth´s irritated and over sensitive skin. It has anti-allergic properties and a slight peeling effect. It´s great for cleansing with warm water. We´re all big fans, maybe you will become one, too. ;-) You can also combine it with a cleanser. Here are some suggestions:

To help get rid of the redness you could use Pai´s Sea Aster & Wild Oat Instant Calm Redness Serum. It´s perfect for hyper-sensitive skin.

You also said you wanted a facial oil. Here are some options I would recommend for your skin:

Last but not least we also have some suggestions for a nice moisturizer:

M. Picaut - Skin Perfect Moisturizer has anti-aging effect and also gives the skin good hydration.

Pai Skincare - Geranium & Thistle Rebalancing Day Cream is formulated to clear and rebalance combination skin. It´s great for sensitive skin.

NUORI - Vital Facial Cream is easily absorbed and hydrates dry skin. It also helps to prevent and reduce first signs of aging.

I hope I could help out - now it´s up to you. ;-)

If you have any further question, please don´t hesitate to contact us!

Warm Regards


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