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Eco by Sonya Invisible Tan & RMS Beauty Uncoverup

So I have always been very wary about ordering a foundation online because some brands have a ton of colours and I'm terrible at guessing my foundation colour. Luckily the foundation I wanted (RMS Beauty Uncoverup) came in only 4 shades, so I ordered the lightest one (I'm very pale with neutral undertones) which was 11 at the time. The colour fit me well enough, but it was not a great match, if I didn't blend enough you could sometimes see a slight colour difference. Shortly before I ran out of that one they released 00, so I decided to buy that one instead the second (and third) time around. This fits beautifully.

I'm going on a city trip to Barcelona at the end of August. Even though I really like my Scandinavian-like blonde hair, white skin appearance and don't want to lay in the sun to get a darker skin colour, I thought it would be nice to have a tan for once. So I ordered the Eco by Sonya Invisible Tan on here a few days ago along with the glove and exfoliator. I know that for pale skin usually the Winter Skin is recommended, but I was not really interested in a gradual tan. I've known about this tan for ages, but for the longest time there were almost no European distributors, I was over the moon excited when I saw you started selling it, thanks for that!

I have no idea how tanned the Invisible Tan will make me, but judging from the before and after photos on their Instagram page... pretty tanned. I'm not the kind of person that applies concealer or foundation all over. Just in areas where I can use some coverage like around my nose and under my eyes. So I wanted to buy a darker Uncoverup which I could mix (if needed) with the 00 to create a good colour match. Since RMS Beauty isn't sold anywhere near me, it's impossible to judge what the colour will look like in person. 44 is definitely too dark, as it's described as a good colour match for Freida Pinto etc. So my question now is... would you recommend that I get 22 or 33 to mix in with my regular colour to create the best colour match?

Thanks in advance!

Greetings from Belgium and lots of love


Hi Jana,

Thanks for your question! Great to hear you are happy with your un-cover up 00.

As for you question about invisible tan: the more you use it, the more tanned you'll get. Since you're quite pale yourself, I would not apply it too often, so that you just get a healthy glow instead of looking like you spend a week in a solarium :D

Also, don't forget concealers usually need to be a shade lighter than your foundation (but with the same undertone). Therefore I would probably recommend rms un-cover up 22.

Hope this helps and greetings from Berlin!


Hello Floris

Haha, yeah, I'll be careful when applying the Invisible Tan! I'll probably just start off with applying just one thin coat, and then see how that goes.

Thanks for your reply! I have one last quick question. I don't tend to use foundation, I have the Kjaer Weis one, but I prefer just using the Uncoverup anywhere on my face that needs some coverage. I only really use a separate foundation on special occasions. I'm not really into the highlighting with concealer thing (maybe because I'm so pale already). What I'm trying to say is that I'll be using the Uncoverup all over my face. Would you still recommend 22?

Thanks a lot!



Hi Jana,

You don't really have to be careful, haha. It won't go that fast :)

Yes I would still recommend the 22. I think if your skintone is that pale that you normall use uincoverup 00, 33 might become too dark and maybe unnatural looking.

Since you are very pale, I would also recommend you to use a sunscreen or Moisturizer with SPF like Kimberly Sayers. Or another idea is to use a tinted moisturizer / BB Cream with SPF instead of or next to the un-coverup.

You might want to look into Luxsit BB Cream, ILIA's Tinted moisturizer, or even HIRO Foundation - these all provide an SPF.

Oh this article might also help you:

You're welcome! :)

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