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Product regimen for dry and dehydrated skin


Can you help me choosing a product regimen for dry and dehydrated skin?

I currently have the May Lindstrom skin care range, which I enjoy very much, however I'm still dry when using the products. I have a feeling that it's because I need both moisture and fat in my skincare. I have tried using more of the oil, and also topping the oil with the cocoon balm, but I still have a tight feeling in my skin.

I have just added a toner from Yüli to add more moisture, but I do not believe that it's enough.

I have previously tried the Tata Harper range, which I really wanted to work, but again was not enough for my skin. My skin did have a great glow etc., but seemed dehydrated from the range.

I have considered using the Yüli range, but worry that my skin will not suffice with only an oil as moisturiser. I am also considering the Kahina Giving Beauty as a range, since I do love their eye cream, but will this range cover a dry skin's needs?



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Hi Thea,

There are two things I'd like to advice you: Dr. Alkaitis Serum or Soothing gel (which will bring moisture), followed by his Night Cream (which will bring moisture as well as oil. mixed with his nourishing treatment oil, if you like). Another option would be Kahina's Toning Mist followed by Kahina's Serum.

You can use these very well next to your beloved May Lindstrom line, which is indeed superb.

Dr. Alkaitis night cream and oil are extremely feeding and is fantastic for people with very dry skin.

Hope this helps and all the best!


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