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Advice for Melasma

Hi there, I love your website it's very informative. I am prone to melasma and I wonder what product you recommend to provide the best sun protection from melasma, which is hormonal and brown spots are antagonized by the sun.
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Hi L.


Thank you!


I would recommend using only organic products like Dr. Alkaitis - a great, super clean, product line, plus an organic/natural broad band sunscreen, with a minimum SPF of 30, based on zinc oxide as active ingredient. Do not use synthetic filters as these can cause hyperpigmention, especially in the US where the craziest, dangerous filters are still allowed (and much better filters are not yet approved).


During the evening and night, you could use a whitening / brightening serum, like the one from Kahina, Kimberly Sayer, or Tata Harper. These will reduce the creation of pigmentation. You can also wear these during the day, however, then always wear sunscreen on top of it. Please do realize, it takes time for these to work. After some months, you should see noticable results though.


Another great product and different from the serums I just mentioned, is Yuli's Cell Perfecto PM. I'd advice you to use this only on spots.


Last but not least, Dr. Alkaitis Enzyme Exfoliating Mask also helps to even out skin tones. The Enzymes in it exfoliate in a different way than almost any other scrub or exfoliator out there. This productt will not only remove dead skin cells, they also brighten and lighten skin after some weeks of usage (use twice a week or once a week on very sensitive skin)


Hope this helps!



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