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Cleanser for Clarisonic

I have (and love) Dr. Alkaitis cleanser for daily use, but I would like something with some more gliding/foaming action for when I use the Clarisonic (maybe weekly). Thanks!

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Hi there! 

Yes, I can certainly understand that. 

With a Clarisonic, a gentle, creamy, foaming cleanser is recommended. However, organic cleansers hardly ever foam, or just a little bit, because of the lack of ingredients like SLS.

The Alkaitis cleanser is a fantastic organic cleanser but we don't recommend it for use with the Clarisonic, as it simply cleans a bit too well. 

We also recommend using a cleanser without alcohol, because the Clarisonic is already pretty aggressive to the skin, compared to your fingers :)

Some cleansers that work better with the clarisonic, because they are cream/lotion cleansers, are very gentle, and do not contain alcohol, are:

I would first try a cleanser for sensitive and dry skin:

Kahina Giving Beauty's Facial Cleanser

Pai Skincare - Camellia & Rose Gentle Hydrating Cleanser

Kimberly Sayer - Gentle Face Cleanser or if your skin is very oily, in which case you could also use Kimberly Sayer Light Cleansing Lotion

Of course it's still a personal choice. If you want, you could place a small order and request samples of the cleansers, so you can try them. We'd be happy to help you find one that works for you! Just leave a note at checkout, at the fourth step.

Hope this helps! 


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